Marcy Garcia

Here I am, an open book for you to see my purpose and understand my journey so that I may have a positive impact on Women .

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My name is Marcy Garcia, a 40 year young confidence building coach born and raised in East Los Angeles. In the State of "Beautiful Southern California" lies many stories and many amazing strong woman. So here is my short story!

 I was raised by a wonderful, loving Man “My Father” and my strong, courageous Grandmother. My mother was in and out of my life for as long as I can remember. She was a wild soul and decided to pursue a fast life of Men, Money and Drugs. My mother has battled with drug addiction till this day. I remember as if it was yesterday, my Aunt and I dropping her off at LAX airport so she can chase the thrill. I call this Chapter in my life “My first Heartbreak”. This is when my demons began to attack me.

I went the next several years confused and lonely. At the age of 14, I got pregnant with my beautiful daughter Lola.  I then discovered that I had it in me to be courageous and do what I had to do to have this baby and be the best damn mom I knew how to be. From 15 to 18 guess what? The curse hit me, the generational curse! I found myself in the drug scene, got stuck in the fast life and was on the hunt for the next best thing to fill my void and pain. Just like I remembered my Mother doing. It wasn't until I was 18 that I realized and remembered that the 14 year old was a fearless courageous girl having a baby, and now I was on the path of being weak, insecure and angry. I made a choice, a choice to write a new book. I dug deep down inside and found her “The Strong Girl I was born to be”. Rewriting this new book wasn't easy. I struggled financially, on welfare and food stamps, with a baby daddy that didn't want to leave the fast life and me with the constant feeling of "what the hell do I do to turn this all around?". My first Job was at 18 years old, making $6.50 an hour.  I had finally had the means to get my first apartment and become an adult. I lived paycheck to paycheck for a very long time but I never gave up. I worked hard, got up every day, and knew that I was on the right path. My young adult life was a roller coaster, 2 marriages and many broken relationships. I was still searching and writing in my pages. I had made many bad choices and mistakes in my past. I started to put in 100% effort on turning all this around, getting up on time for work, running my child to the sitter, learning and striving to be the best at every job I had ever landed. All this struggle was finally paying off. I had finally found her. The young, fearless and confident girl.  I realized I had to stop being mad, insecure and full of hurt. These where the very things that had consumed my life and created a monster. 

Although I have found ways to create confidence and peace for myself, I realize there are too many woman who need to find their inner strong, young girl and they don't know where to look for her. I am on a mission to help you become fearless and confident. I understand more than anyone what it feels like when your dealt a bad hand in life and I have the upmost compassion and respect for Women who are fighting daily to be the best they can be. Confidence isn't about feeling pretty or skinny. Its not all that junk that social media fills your head with. Confidence is something that lives inside you that no one can take. It's your strength, It's your security, it's the voice that tells you that you matter and you deserve an amazing life. It means that you don't have to change your past, but let  your past be the cause of what created your courage and growth. I now have a beautiful 26 year old daughter who keeps me grounded and young, an amazing and supportive Husband and a crazy fun loving family. I only hope to be able to have a hand in writing your new book.

Women, it's time to embrace your struggles and heartaches and use it to feed your soul in a positive way so you can become that much stronger! 

I dedicate my mission to my beautiful Mother because without her I wouldn't be alive, without her struggles I wouldn't have been able to see how strong I can be for both of us. Without her I wouldn't be the amazing mother that I am now. Thank you Mom, for all the heartache and struggles you put me through. You made me who I am. You made me Fearless.