Don't be Bitter be Better


Don't be Bitter be Better!

I was driving to the gym this evening and as I was sitting at a red light I noticed this lifted white Chevy truck with all the bells and whistles and a sticker on the back window that said “Bitch Inside”. Behind the wheel was a Woman, Very pretty young lady. Yes my first thought was wow what a bad ass chick but then I started thinking wait why would she be ok calling herself a Bitch? It started to upset me and I really wanted to understand how we got to this place where we as Women think its cool to call ourselves A female Dog. This coming from a Dog Lover I'm not sure id like to be depicted as an animal. When did we get so mean? When did we feel it was ok to have this persona that Im a Bitch “ohhhhh watch out I'm cool don't mess with me?” Don't get me wrong I'm not some square with a stick up my ass I'm as down to earth as it gets and can talk smack like a sailor, But seriously lets think about it. Did we really become so bitter that we want the world to see us as these mean human beings? Im not liking this at all. But then I told myself ok Marcy stop being a hypocrite, you too where a Bitter Bitch who acted like a pissed off female canine every second I had. Yes I was pissed off about 80% of the time. I lived hoping someone would cross me so I could lash out at them. I wanted to release all my pain from the past and take it out on anyone. Please cross me please, please let me spill all my baggage on you. But you know what finally made me change? I got tired! Being a Bitch is so much damn work. It takes so much energy and not to mention people really don't like being around you, They are afraid to be honest with you and rather stay away. Being a Bitch definitely causes problems in your relationships, your children, your family and most important your health. Did you know Stressful events can alter the levels of hormones in the body and affect the immune system, No thank you! since I've lived Bitch free I have been at peace. I could care less about who hurt me broke my heart yada yada yada.  My ego is out the door and I've never felt so good. Don't get back don't get angry, get Better. Let go and set yourself free. Hey I might still drop an F bomb if you cut me off but that doesn't make me a Bitch it makes me a pissed of Woman. So ladies know the difference its ok to get mad its not ok to be bitter! 




Beautiful Intelligent Talented Courageous Honest 

Marcy Garcia