The "I'll Get to it Later" Woman

So as I work on motivating woman to jump on the path to success I start to wonder what is this thing "Ill get to it later?" And why is it installed into our brains? Why cant we just have an idea, goal or something that needs to get done thats as simple as folding your clothes and just jump and do it right then and there? What is really stopping us? Are we putting aside OUR wants and needs for everyone else's wants and needs as they arise at that exact moment that we have this brilliant idea or our do to list thats just sitting there staring us in the face? Or is it Fear thats stopping us? Ok lets break it down a bit. 

Chores and all that boring crap: Laundry, wash the dog, mop the floor etc...Doesn't sound to fun right? OK this one ill give to you. It simply means I am tired and I've done work all day and frankly non of this shit will benefit me right now? Sound about right? .. Ok on to the next.

Wants and desires: Start my own business, Lose 10 pounds, Leave my unhealthy relationship.. Gets pretty deep right? Notice how these super duper important things that Benefit you we still somehow managed to "Ill get to it later" and then the more you get to it later you actually start to talk yourself out of it. Why is this? Well lets use this as an example, Lets say your about to go sky diving and if you stand on the edge of the plane and start to think about the jump itself negative thoughts start to kick in "OMG what if the parachute doesn't open, "What if I pass out", "What if I Pee my pants" FEAR starts to set in and your mind starts to build doubt. Perfect scenario would be to strap on, check your gear and just jump. Dont think too much about it! This is what you wanted, this is on your bucket list right? Do you want to be on your death bed at 95 years old saying to yourself "I always wanted to skydive but I never had the courage to do it". 

Listen ladies if anyone knows fear its this gal. What I did with my fears is I used it to gage how big my goal was, If it scared the shit out of me I knew that on the other side of that scary monster was a BIG damn victory, I just close my eyes and face it head on. And ill tell you what the second I looked that big scary monster in that face and defeated him was the most magnificent feeling in the world. There are a few steps you can take to conquer your desires and face the scary monsters. 

1. Make sure whatever you want that it will benefit you.

2. Have clarity. Visualize it and fall in love with your goal. 

3. Have a written plan with execution dates so you can see your progress. Some one once told me "Small Victories are just as important as big ones". Thanks Hanna :)

4. Have a partner or mentor to motivate you. 

5. Most Important: see it for what it is, if its scary ok acknowledge it, just don't dwell and let that fear sit there too long. 

You are in control of everything in your life! So stop putting off your dreams and desires and JUMP! 

Marcy Garcia